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These options can provide businesses with cash flow injections for a number of purposes, Unsecured loans fund very quickly and can help ease a number of concerns from stock to cash flow. They are a useful alternative to invoice finance/factoring. Typically in the last few years, this has been utilised under the Government back Enterprise Finance Guarantee scheme, CBILS and RLS.

Whatever your reason

For needing a loan, there are two main types of loan available:

A secured loan is one that is secured against something you own – usually property, or another financial asset attached to your business. The idea here is that the borrower has an incentive to pay back the loan on time. This provides the lender with security, and interest rates can be lower.

An unsecured loan, on the other hand, is not secured against anything. Interest rates can be higher because there is less security for the lender compared to a secured loan. But It enables your business to grow and takes the stress away from cash flow problems.

Typical Terms

Typically, Lenders will look to structure the deal on following terms


  • Amounts Secured £50k  – £5m Unsecured Upto £1m

  • Arrangement fee 1%-2%

  • Term upto 15yrs

  • Rate starting from 6%

  • No Exit Fees


  • 1st legal charge over subject property/any additional security being offered

  • If Ltd co – Debenture (mandatory) potentially personal guarantees

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As experienced experts in this unique type of finance it is key to have a professional on board.

This is a flexible short term finance solution generally secured against land or property.

Our aim is to help businesses to achieve their financial objectives, our approach is simple.